personal training

Our Personal Training service is a great way to get results fast. Feel at ease with an Iveridge trainer who can help you achieve your goals with expert coaching. All our coaching sessions are 45-minutes and will add maximum motivation to your workouts.

about iveridge personal training

You can choose 1 to 1 or choose 1 to 2 appointments to reduce costs. We can partner you up with like-minded people if you wish.

You don’t need to be super fit and healthy to start off. Personal support works for accomplished individuals as well as people that are wanting to improve their health and fitness.


[ 1 to 1 ]
45-minutes per session £40

20 sessions £800

[ 1 to 2 ]
£20 PER PERSON, per session

20 sessions
£400 per person

more options

Other sessions available at set times each week
All 45-minutes

[ 1 to 3 ]
£20 per person

[ 1 TO 4 ]

[ 1 TO 5 ]

[ 1 TO 6 ]

Arrange a phone consultation

Tell us how we can help you feel healthier and
we can run through the best options for you

For a consultation
 TEXT PT to 07803143679 and Richard will work out the best path for you to get started